Service to Community

 Sam and Michelle believe in giving back to the community.  They developed  an "Early Childhood Vision Screening Program". During a three year  period, Sam and Michelle screened over three thousand children ages 6  months to 5 years of age and referred those needing further vision  evaluation to area Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. As Michelle says,  "Having children's eyes taken care of when a vision problem is detected  is so important to their education. Most of what they learn during  the first five years comes through their vision."

Client Testimonials

Mitzi L.

I  have been with Sam Johnson for eight years and I will not trust my  vision to anyone else but Sam.  His knowledge and expertise is simply  beyond compare and he will not be satisfied until YOU are completely  satisfied with your glasses and/or contacts.  In a world where we are  usually treated like "just another number," it is SO refreshing to be  treated special.  The entire staff is amazing and I feel like they are  my friends.  There are some things that I shop around and look for  bargains.  My sight is NOT one of those things.  I know and trust  Westlake Optical, and Sam with my vision and I highly recommend them to  everyone I know.

Harry H.

I  have been doing business with Sam since I first began wearing glasses  fifteen years ago.  I've stayed with him over the years, not only  because of his great service, but because he is actually knowledgeable  about optics - something that seems to be frequently lacking in this  business.  With Sam, it's not all about the frames, it is more  importantly about the quality of the optics and the care of the client.

Brad S.

"The  last time Sam and I talked, I was having cloudy vision and thought it  was my contacts.  Sam urged me to go in and see a doctor right away.  In  fact, he even made an appointment for me to see an Ophthalmologist on  the same day before I was scheduled to fly out of town for 3 days.   I have Sam to thank for saving my eyesight!!  I had a detached retina  and if had I gone on that flight, I probably would have permanent vision  loss in my right eye.  Thanks to Sam and the doctors that helped me  (and the Good Lord) my eyes are fine.  I had a sclera buckle, vitrectomy  and the gas bubble procedure, and I'm all good now.

Rob A.

"Many  thanks for your diligence in getting me fitted with glasses and  contacts for my trip to Looking Glass Falls in Transylvania County,  North Carolina.  I have logged 3,200 miles.  Couldn't have done it  without your help!!